Credit card processing in the restaurant industry is crucial, and BankCard Source provides several personalized programs to ensure that we meet the needs of your unique business. Since restaurants run on cash flow, more than other business, turnaround time for credit card deposits is essential. With BankCard Source, you will receive your funds within 24 hours transactions*.

BankCard Source also offers pay-at-the-table, the latest and most advance portable payment solution available. You can upgrade your customer service by allowing the customer to keep their card in their possession at all times, reducing the chance of credit and debit fraud behind closed doors. Pay-at-the-table technology also reduces processing time, which permits you to serve more guest.

BankCard Source also supports quick service restaurants and other businesses that need a fast checkout time with solutions designed specifically in mind. Whether you are a coffee shop or a pizza parlor, customers will appreciate and enjoy the expedited check out times.

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*Conditions apply to receive you funds within 24 hours.

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